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Evaluating Medical Office Building Development Projects

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ONLINE: OCT. 3 & 5

As more health care systems aim to improve the patient experience and lower operating costs, the demand for newly constructed, high-quality medical office space will only increase. But medical office development projects come with unique considerations that can make the difference between success and failure. In this three-hour online, instructor-led course, learn the key components of medical versus general office development and how these translate into new strategies, analyses, and valuations for effective decision-making throughout the development process.

Using a case study, you’ll be immersed in a medical office building development project from the proposal through the completed project and financials. You'll also learn:

  • 1) Why certain ownership structures work.
  • 2) How acquisition strategies affect the overall economics of the finished product.
  • 3) How building location and tenant mix play a major role in determining cost/rental structure.
  • 4) How each decision along the way impacts the overall project costs and viability. 

All spreadsheets will be available for you to use in your own work after the course.

While the course is designed as an elective within the CCIM Development Specialty Track, there are no restrictions on who can attend. Students need only the desire to further their knowledge and practice of real estate development.


Online Class Information*

Session 1: Tuesday, Oct. 3

Session 2: Thursday, Oct. 5

All sessions are from 12 - 1:30 p.m. CT.

*These online sessions are recorded and will be

available for download at the end of the course.


Soozi Jones Walker, CCIM


$175 for CCIM Institute members

$195 for REALTORS®
$215 for non-members

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