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Real Estate Development: Land Develelopment

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ONLINE: Oct. 10 & 12


In each of the seven stages of development in CCIM Institute's Development Specialty Track, value can either be created or lost. To ensure you're optimizing value creation in the land development stage, a strong working knowledge of market timing and future market conditions is critical.


The Land Development course leverages real-world examples and case studies to walk you through the eight tasks of land development from acquisition to disposition, including environmental, permitting and approvals, and other tasks important to the land development stage.


In addition, you'll learn how to determine the best market cycle quadrant in which to enter the land development stage, as well as how to reconcile the entitlements in place. The distinction between "entitlements" and "vested rights" — two vastly different legal concepts, misunderstood in practice — will also be discussed.


Online Class Information*

Session 1: Tuesday, Oct. 10

Session 2: Thursday, Oct. 12

These sessions are from 2 - 4 p.m. CT.

*These online sessions are recorded and will be available for download at the end of the course.


Mark Van Ark, CCIM


$215 for CCIM Institute members

$235 for REALTORS®
$255 for non-members

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