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Senior Housing: Fundamentals and Benchmarks

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10,000 baby boomers are becoming senior citizens every day. How will they be housed? What real estate services can you provide to this growing demographics? Senior housing as a commercial property type is unique. This course offers an overview for the commercial real estate professional interested in this niche property type.

This course will provide participants with current information to become more effective in senior housing real estate market. Participants in this course will:


  • 1) Learn the fundamentals of the Senior Housing Market and get up to speed quickly in regard to succeeding in this unique industry.
  • 2) Understand the macroeconomics of Senior Housing, supply and demand of the industry.
  • 3) Understand who are the most active groups in the industry including both profit and nonprofit groups.
  • 4) Review government influences on the industry including reimbursement trends of Medicare, Medicaid and other financing options.
  • 5) Identify key metrics including cap rates, range of sales per unit/bed, rental rate and basic underwriting principals.
  • 6) Distinguish the interplay between real estate, hospitality and health care in providing services to the various residency types.
  • 7) Increase your industry knowledge and therefore, networking ability — to capitalize on this ever growing market trend in the commercial real estate industry.
Online Class Information*

Session: Friday, Oct. 27

This session is from 12 - 1:30 p.m. CT.

*This online session is recorded and will be available for download at the end of the course.


Richard Lynn, CCIM


$110 for CCIM Institute members

$130 for REALTORS®
$150 for non-members

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